Life is an adventure!

Jim McBee is a technology consultant, writer, technologist, entreprenuer, and Siberian Husky enthusiast. Want to know more?

A brief history

Jim started out his information technology career while study Industrial Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee. He began fixing PCs part time to work his way through school but started working with Novell NetWare.

After graduation, Jim moved on to San Francisco and worked at the Network Operations Coordinator for Brobeck, Phelger, and Harrison, which was one of California's largest law firms.

He was then recruited by TechLaw Automation Partners and ran their networking consultancy group in their San Francisco office. During his time their, he ran numerous consulting projects both in San Francisco as well as New York, Washington, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

In 1992, he was recruited by a consulting firm in Honolulu, Hawaii. His plan was to spend no more than 2 years in Hawaii, but the great weather, laid back attitudes, and island lifestyle hooked him for quite a few years.

During this time, he founded his own consultant company (ITCS Hawaii) and begain working with CTA's Jeff Bloom. He published 7 books on Microsoft Exchange and also data cabling. During this time, he became a popular trainer, writer, columnist, and speaker. He spoke at technology and training events in more than 15 countries in Europe and Asia.

For a Active Directory and Exchange consulting project in 2005, Jim partnered with Matt Suriya to create a web-based replacement for Microsoft's GALMOD. Active Diretory Update and Ithicos Solutions was born! Ithicos Solutions creates web-based Active Directory management tools.